We Tax all GHGs, at the point of emission, at the same rate

Starting at U$ 50 per ton CO2,
increasing by U$ 50 each year

You’ll get your money back

50% of tax revenues is redistributed to people in CASH

Every single person gets more than 7’000 U$ over 15 years

We build a renewable energy infrastructure

40% of tax revenues invested in bulding renewable energy infrastructure

We’ll have enough renewables to replace all fossil energy by 2035

Its good for the environment:


GHG emissions

by 2035

Cherry on top: it’s good for the economy

Energy costs


by 40%


Everybody pays.


Everybody benefits.


  • Climate change is a global problem. It can only be solved globally
  • Climate change is a huge market failure. As long as it is free to destroy the atmosphere, the destructon will continue
  • We need a marshal plan to build a global renewable energy infrastructure to avoid climate catastrophe

A global climate tax is the answer to all of the above