Be realistic. Demand the impossible

Be realistic. Demand the impossible.

True: the notion that world politicians would sit together, agree & (let alone) act on a global climate tax seems entirely and totally impossible at this point in time: so much of a fantasy that we do not even consider such a possibility.

However – the climate youth movement has changed everything.
And they are only starting. Things could change fast.

What does it need to implement a global climate tax?

  • A majority of countries implementing the tax, forcing the other to follow suit because of import tariffs.
  • The decision to implement a climate tax has to be made politically. The politicians have to make the decision. The tax therefore needs political acceptance and support.
  • Unfortunately, politicians today are somewhat unlikely to come together and act.


And what does it need to make politicians act?

  • Broad acceptance and support throughout all levels.
  • Broad acceptance and support from the public
  • Broad acceptance by and support for by businesses.
  • Broad acceptance and support for by economists
  • Broad acceptance and support by institutions – both public and private
  • Broad but neutral media coverage


While there is significant acceptance for market-driven solutions amongst businesses and economists, that support is more in spirit, and not bundled into a singular set of concrete demands, therefore not very effective.
So what could channel those support into concrete demands?

  • Pressure form the streets (“the youth”)
  • Incessantly lobbying of influencers (businesses of all sectors, institutions, non-governmental organisations. ….)
  • Incessantly lobbying of the decision makers (petitioning, calling, mailing, …)